At the Charity Learning Consortium we use Moodle to manage and run our learning.

Moodle is a full Learning Management System (LMS) which is Open Source and flexible enough for both us and our customers. Moodle is an open source project, which means that the core system is free to download and run, whilst remaining flexible enough for us to meet your needs as they arise.

We have added many easy to use features to Moodle, including a flexible and dynamic topic menu, which displays content as programmes. These programmes only display content available to that user making is really simple to create organisational competencies that fit your business but only display the relevant courses to the learner who is logged in.

Another helpful feature is our easy to use reporting module. This module allows you to easily take a snapshot of what learning objects your learners have been looking at. It can even send these reports to your inbox, negating the requirement to log-in and run reports every time.

Are you a learner who wants’ to know where you are with your learning? Why not use our My Learning tool to check your progress and grab some certificates to proudly pin on your wall.

When we set up your Moodle LMS we will personalise it to suit your brand. As standard we will;

•    Use your logo
•    Personalise your welcome message and login page
•    Brand your system
•    Personalise your colour scheme

Moodle Security
Being an Open Source project, Moodle is constantly tested, updated and extended to ensure that it is secure. A common misconception is that Open Source projects are less secure. Open Source projects such as Moodle attract large numbers of experts and developers who are more than happy to point out a vulnerability and fix it. As such, Moodle’s security is constantly under scrutiny and is patched frequently just like any other piece of software. More information on Moodle’s security procedures please visit

Moodle is Flexible
With a large developer community and a modular construct, Moodle is an extremely flexible system. In-fact, the flexibility allows us to develop the tools we need and the tools you need. Sometimes the tool has already been shared with the community so you don’t have to spend your money or waste your time petitioning a software vendor to create functionality.

Moodle is Everywhere
Moodle conforms to modern web standards and runs on all browsers, including mobile detection for your learners on the go*.

Moodle is a Community
Moodle allows you to do a lot more than deliver learning. Moodle allows communities to grow around learning in your organisation. With social tools built in, Moodle can support your Social Learning quest. Or you can turn these features off if you want to.

Software as a Service is commonly used to describe software that is looked after for you. And this is how we treat Moodle. We look after your site to ensure that it is maintained and updated. When patches come out for Moodle we will apply these, following communication on the implications for you and your learners. Don’t worry about access, we host and maintain your Moodle site on our secure servers. This allows you to worry less about IT implications and concentrate more on delivering great learning.

Learn Moodle
We run learning webinars on how to use Moodle to achieve your needs. These webinars concentrate on administration and course construction as standard but can be so much more. If you just let us know what you want.

Use Moodle
We are offering you the maintenance and hosting of one of the world’s leading LMS’s. Why not take advantage of this and develop your own programmes and create a wonderful learning environment rather than worrying about setup and the IT headache associated with maintaining a system.


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