Why the Consortium

The Heroes of the Consortium were created to outline the benefits of working in collaboration  and we use them to highlight the key drivers behind being part of the Consortium.

The Financiator

Cost is the key

The number one driver tends to be cost, so the aim is to keep cost as low as possible and negotiate pricing significantly cheaper than in the corporate world!


Sharing ideas

Be part of a network of like minded individuals from like minded organsations all trying to achieve the same thing…… at low cost!

Resource Girl

Have resources at your fingertips

Resources are created that can be accessed and shared using our online Community platform. It is often easier to modify something somebody else has created rather than start from scratch.


Access the support your charity needs

The hosted Moodle learning management system is supported centrally and because we share the same set up, any issues are normally common and easily fixed.

Mentor Man

Guidance from experts

There is always another organization a step ahead of you – talk to them! We all learn from each other especially at the quarterly Member Seminars!

Speedy Girl

Speed is of the essence

Having such a range of experience across the board and refined processes, the time to get up to speed is greatly reduced for everything!

The Benchmarkator

Helping Establish Success Criteria

The Towards Maturity Benchmark enables every organisation to benchmark against other industry sectors, other members, and even themselves to enable them to evolve their eLearning strategy.

The Collaborators

Strength in numbers

Collaboration is the future!


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